Elizabeth Bannon of Big Bear Premier Home Inspection Services of Whitefish, Montana is also the CEO and Founder of VTROC (Veteran Transition Redeployment and Outreach Cohort) reached out to me on July 17, 2018, at 9:37 PM with the following message:

Good evening, my name is Elizabeth Bannon and I am CEO / Founder of VTROC – Veteran Transition Redeployment and Outreach Cohort.

Initiated and led by veterans, VTROC offers an immediate solution to the “now what” moment that is commiserated after discharge. With a commitment to, organically and through strategic alliances, provide housing, education, and financial assistance as well as any additional services required to satisfy the challenges impacting veterans’ post military service.

Acting as a confluence for veteran-led initiatives, VTROC is changing the conversation about military service members and enabling their contributions to our collective economy and society. With a mission to provide or facilitate the tools and resources required to ensure successful military transitions and foster the realization of our military members’ life goals by guiding them through a critical phase in their lives as they transition from military to civilian life. VTROC will bring together these organizations to better assist with successful transitions.

Is [ASEO] interested and/or willing to donate a couple hours to our website. The site is up and a lot of the content is there, just looking for the finishing touches.

Thanks for your time and support of our Military Veterans.

ASEO dropped everything to help VTROC clean up their site, at least to the best we can given the urgency and the theme selected. ASEO ended up donating in total around 12-hours worth of maintenance support to

Several months later, Elizabeth Bannon of VTROC and Big Bear Premier Home Inspection Services in Whitefish, Montana reached out again and asked if we were interested in taking on her new venture’s website, which was later known as Big Bear Premier Home Inspection Services.

Upon several discussions, we learned that this new venture had very limited startup funds so we discounted our normal entry rate of $5,500 (semi-custom website) down to $3,000 with a requested 50% deposit.

The website included:

  • Semi-Custom Design (based on client requirements and suggestions)
  • Stock Photos via Adobe Stock Photos
  • Contact Forms
  • Scheduling Software (to book home inspections).
  • Up to 8 pages

Elizabeth Bannon was on a discovery call where she gave a recommendation to another property inspection company she liked. Upon inspection of the website, we advised her that this was also a semi-custom website, and happened to be available to purchase. We then purchased the premium theme license and proceeded to build out based on her specifications in addition to, purchasing the scheduling software, purchasing stock photos, and investing around 25 hours on man-power into the site.

We continued to go back & forth for quite some time, the site was looking very close to what the requirements were and out of nowhere, we received this email:

Elizabeth Bannon
Mon, Oct 29, 4:04 PM

Hi Sean,

Thanks again for all your time and support on this project. However, after reviewing [redacted] site and seeing that ours is almost identical after over one month of working on it that its time to part ways. We will no longer need your services on this site.

I hope you feel the $1500 you have received for this site is sufficient for the time you have given to this project.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again.

After sending this, Elizabeth Bannon charged back the $1500.

Public Notice: (OPINION) 

You may want to think twice when doing business with Elizabeth Bannon based on these circumstances.

(more to come)