Scott Gilkey

Scott Gilkey is a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, boasting an impressive career that spans over three decades. His journey began in the 1990s with Restaurants Unlimited, a restaurant group where he quickly ascended from a sous chef to the director of operations. In this capacity, Scott was instrumental in overseeing the operations of multiple restaurants across the United States, managing hundreds of employees. His exceptional work at Restaurants Unlimited was marked by his involvement with various Hot Concepts Award-Winning Brands, a Nation’s Restaurant News accolade.

In 2006, Scott channeled his extensive experience and passion for the culinary world into founding Gilkey Restaurant Consulting. At the helm of his own company, Scott continues applying his creative culinary solutions and comprehensive understanding of both the front and back of house operations. His expertise is not just limited to the kitchen; he possesses a unique holistic perspective on brand development and restaurant management.

Scott’s deep-rooted knowledge, wisdom, and distinctive character form the cornerstone of Gilkey Restaurant Consulting. Under his leadership, the firm offers a range of services to enhance the performance and success of restaurants. Scott’s commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of the restaurant industry makes him a valuable asset to any culinary venture.

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