Brian Henry, Mayor of Pawleys Island

On November 7th, Brian Henry was re-elected to this 3rd term as the Mayor of Pawleys Island.


Get Carried Away Southern Market | Sea View Inn – Pawleys Island

Brian Henry’s journey from a fresh LSU graduate to the Mayor of Pawleys Island is a story of hard work, resilience, and community dedication. Beginning his career at Andersen Consulting, he developed a strong work ethic and organizational skills, vital in his later role as mayor. Facing early challenges while managing Sea View Inn with his wife, Sassy, they overcame skepticism with determination, setting a foundation for future success. Brian’s diverse hobbies, from sports to music, enhance his relatable leadership style, while lessons from his father instill a balanced approach to risk-taking. He finds solace in a particular spot near Sea View Inn, reflecting on his journey and the community he serves.

Balancing his mayoral duties with personal life through disciplined planning, Brian also cherishes his connection to Pawleys Island, where family traditions and outdoor activities resonate with his Louisiana roots. His practice of reflective journaling maintains his positive outlook, and his commitment to preserving community values is evident in his leadership. Overcoming personal sensitivities, Brian’s story is a testament to the power of authenticity and resilience in public service, embodying the journey many undertake in search of meaningful community impact.

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