Marty Erzinger
Marty Erzinger of Denver, Colorado (Martin Erzinger)

Martin Erzinger (Marty Erzinger) is located in Denver, Colorado. In 1976, Marty Erzinger was the Linebacker for the CU Buffalos. Weighing in at 201 and 6′ he was one of the key members that led the CU Buffalos to the Super Bowl.

Martin Erzinger of Denver, Colorado (Marty Erzinger) is the Founder and Senior Investment Advisor for Sanctuary Wealth Advisors LLC.


Martin Erzinger, based in Denver, CO, is an Investment Advisor and a Broker (Dually Registered) with 39 years of experience. Martin is employed by Sanctuary Advisors and  Geneos Wealth Management, which provides investment advisory services for 27 clients.

Marty’s son, Martin Erzinger is a renowned pianist.