Trevor Day is a serial entrepreneur located in Georgetown, SC. Trevor is a partner and investor in various restaurants and the new Winyah Bay Brewing Company in historic Downtown Georgetown, SC.

Trevor Day’s journey unfolds in the quaint town of Lebanon, Ohio, where childhood memories are intertwined with baseball and familial bonds. Growing up in a tight-knit community, Trevor’s early years were filled with sporting events and cherished moments with his family. These experiences ingrained in him a strong sense of community and connection, values that would later shape his path in life.

As a young boy, Trevor’s world revolved around sports and family. He spent countless hours playing baseball and football, balancing his time between the playing fields, family gatherings, and school life. His father, a figure of inspiration and guidance, played a pivotal role in molding Trevor’s ambitions and moral compass.

During his youth, Trevor harbored a superficial yet deep-seated aspiration to emulate his father. As he matured, this ambition transformed into a dream of owning a restaurant, fueled by his fondness for the TV show “Cheers.” His school years were a blend of fun and academia, with certain mentors like his PE teacher and baseball coach, Mr. Miller, leaving an indelible mark on him.

Trevor’s upbringing in Ohio imparted a crucial lesson: the universal nature of human connection, irrespective of geographical boundaries. The family traditions he grew up with, such as shared meals and grand holiday celebrations, remained a core part of his identity.

In pursuit of a more relaxed lifestyle and new opportunities, Trevor eventually relocated to Georgetown, South Carolina. He quickly acclimated to the welcoming ambiance of Georgetown, embracing its community spirit. Inspired by his parents, he ventured into the culinary industry, beginning his gastronomic journey.

Trevor’s initial business endeavor wasn’t in the culinary field but lawn care. When he opened his first restaurant, he faced the challenge of constantly being present, primarily due to staffing issues. His restaurant concept focused on superior local cuisine, merging a pleasant ambiance with high-quality food

In his establishments, Trevor’s Ohio heritage is proudly displayed. He’s an ardent Ohio State fan, with college football frequently featured on the television. What is the most crucial lesson he learned in the restaurant business? The importance of valuing and treasuring exceptional staff members. He advocates for a fusion of traditional and contemporary culinary techniques, encouraging his team to innovate.
Trevor Day’s path from a small Ohio town to becoming a renowned restaurant owner in Georgetown is a narrative of enduring values, a commitment to community, and a passion for exceptional cuisine. His story is a testament to the influence of modest beginnings and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

In the latest chapter of his journey, Trevor is set to open the Winyah Bay Brewing Company in Georgetown. This new venture, slated to launch in the spring of 2024, culminates with Trevor’s lifelong passion for community and evolving love for culinary and brewing arts. With Winyah Bay Brewing Company, Trevor aims to create a space where locals and visitors can experience the fusion of innovative brewing techniques and traditional flavors while embracing the sense of community that has been a cornerstone of his life’s story.

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